Cleaning Criminal Records

One of the most under-utilized services the attorneys at Cannon Bruns & Murphy, LLC. provide is the process of cleaning an individual’s criminal record. Under certain circumstances, eligible convictions or arrests can be ordered expunged (or removed) from a person’s criminal history. The Order of Expungement is sent to the Indiana State Central Repository, law enforcement agencies and other organizations that provided the individual services. Recently, the law has changed in this regard to allow for expungement of convictions and/or arrests.

In other circumstances, and if they have successfully completed the terms of their sentence, individuals are eligible to have their class D felony or level 6 felony convictions reduced to class A misdemeanors. Taking advantage of this opportunity is key for reasons of employment for the many individuals saddled with just one felony conviction.

Attorneys at Cannon Bruns & Murphy, LLC. would be happy to assist you in determining if you are eligible for either expungement or the reduction of a prior class D felony or level 6 felony to a class A misdemeanor.